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Application Deadline: Friday, February 2, 2024

Applications are reviewed and decided upon during the April Skyline Foundation Board Meeting. Letters will be mailed or emailed on or before Monday, February 26, 2024


⃞   Camp Skyline Camper Application; must be downloaded or filled out at            
⃞   Financial Assistance Form
⃞   Proof of Financial Assistance: w-2, 1099, or tax return
⃞   Parent Questionnaire
⃞   Camper Questionnaire
⃞   Reference Form 1: must from be from a guidance counselor or current teacher*
⃞   Reference Form 2*
⃞   Reference Form 3*


Scholarships are awarded annually. Returning applicants must send a complete application including references. No preference is given to past recipients. 

Household income must fall within the following ranges. If your household income exceeds these amounts, you are not eligible for full financial assistance.
      Up to $75,000 with 1 child
      Up to $85,000 with 2 children
      Up to $95,000 with 3 children
      Up to $105,000 with 4 children

Returning applicants: As of the 2019 camp season, the Foundation will only award a single recipient a scholarship for up to 3 years. 

If your child is selected as a scholarship recipient, please note that no other discounts the camp offers apply at this time.

Scholarships are not available for participants in the Equestrian Program.

The scholarship camper should not discuss her scholarship arrangements with other campers.

If there are any behavior problems associated with this child, the Camp Director must be made aware of them BEFORE a scholarship grant can be approved. Our staff is not trained to handle severe behavior problems. Camp Skyline cannot accept campers whose behavior or emotional problems will potentially cause a negative experience for other campers. A camper will be sent home if their behavior continually upsets other campers and distracts staff from giving equal time and effort to providing positive experiences for all campers.


Scholarship recipients are asked to pay a non-refundable camp fee of $100.00. This fee is payable when the camper is notified that she has received the scholarship and has decided to accept the scholarship. When the Foundation receives the camp fee, this acknowledges acceptance of the scholarship and holds your daughter’s reservation for the camp session indicated. DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT WITH THIS APPLICATION.

The Skyline Foundation desires to assist as many girls as possible, therefore the majority of scholarships will be partial scholarships. Please begin planning now for your portion of the camp fee.

Scholarship recipients will be assigned to a session in which their scholarship is to be used. 90% of recipients receive their 1st or 2nd session choice. 

  • SESSIONS 1, 2, 3, 4: Two week sessions, girls 6-16

  • MINI CAMP A, B, C: 1 week sessions, girls 6-8 (rising 3rd graders)

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